Daria Rose and The Day She Chose, a story that will build character: self-empowerment, positive behavior, confidence, courage, strength, determination, friendship, good values and the importance of being thoughtful and thankful. 
Join Daria Rose in a seven-day adventure as she discovers the powers she had inside her all along. She takes control of her days and learns how to make good choices. She discovers that her decisions can change the outcome of the different worries and fears in her life. Daria Rose learns that life is all about choices and it is up to her to make the right ones.
This 32 page Hardcover Picture Book is a fun and engaging way to teach young minds about the power they have within to make good choices and create a life of happiness. It is very important to start building confidence and good values in children when they are young. This adventure about a young girl who faces different situations regarding bullies, doing well in school, making friends, determination, confidence and having faith in herself, sends many messages that no matter how young you are, you have a lot of control over your own happiness. Your child will benefit from the invaluable information expressed in this colorful and entertaining story. You will enjoy reading this story over and over, using it as a tool to open dialog with your child to teach them about the power they have within to take control of different situations. This story inspires the positive behavior of making good choices and taking control over our own happiness.

This book sends a message to children about the power within them to create happiness in their lives and the lives of others through their choices. The story uses situations to which children of various ages can relate. I recommend this book for all school age children and their families. -Dr. Sheila Chiffriller  - Licensed Psychologist

32 page Hardcover (13 beautiful illustrations)
8 1/2 x 11
ISBN 978-0-9818366-0-7

Read with an adult 4 - 6,
 Read alone age 7 and up

I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out

I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out, one boys journey and triumph over Auditory Processing Disorder. This story is brought to life with beautifully illustrations. John feels frustrated and not smart. He is having difficulty at school and at home and begins to feel overwhelmed. The adults in his life think he is inattentive, and not trying hard enough. Children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) find the world a confusing and challenging place. Although they do not have a hearing loss, they often mis-hear and misinterpret directions they receive auditorily. 

With the support of his family and his teacher, John learns how to effectively deal with the disorder, for success in school and at home. With modifications and help, John realizes he has a learning problem he can overcome.

Colorful, expressive illustrations follow John's journey from confusion to triumph, good self-esteem, and figuring it out. At the end of the story, a Glossary of Terms, Ways You Can Help Your Child at Home and in School, and a Resources List are included.

Read with an adult 4 - 6, Read alone age 7 and up

31 page Hardcover (19 beautiful illustrations)
8  x 10.5

ISBN 978-0-9847380-0-7